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Our company has been in business in Hancock County, Tennessee since 1957.  Lowell Mullins has been licensed since 1975.

We are the most experienced realtors in Hancock County, TN, in business since 1957.

Founded by Dewey Hurley, with a commitment to honesty, fairness and integrity.

In 1984, Mr. Hurley passed over and Lowell Mullins is carrying on the good name, upholding the high standards that have now become tradition.

“We deal in dirt, but treat you clean”

You can reach us the following ways:
Lowell Mullins

1215 Main Street
P.O.Box 249
Sneedville,Tn. 37869
Phone/Fax: 423-733-4464-Office or 423-300-9129-Cell

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address1215 Main St. / P.O.Box 249
Sneedville, TN 37869

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